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Hotel Information
All of the hotel rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. Persons wishing to make a hotel reservation are kindly requested to complete the reservation form and to send it directly to the hotel.

Hotel Information - Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel(main)
Hotel Room Type Special Rate (KRW) Regular Registration (After Dec 19, 2016)
Website: http://www.ramadajeju.co.kr/ENG
Address: 66 Topdong Ro, Jeju, Korea
Contact us:
Ms. Kim Su-Young(Fax/E-mail to)
Tel: +82-2-3668-6912, Fax: +82-2-3672-0066
e-mail: ramadajeju1004@naver.com
(Mountain view)
KRW 170,000 ITS-IFToMM/K-TIS 2017
Main Venue
(Ocean view)
KRW 170,000
*Remarks: Weekend(Fri,Sat) will be Extra Charge KRW 60,000 each price per day.
  • Rates above are inclusive of 10% VAT.
  • Breakfast is included.(Breakfast: KRW 24,000/person)

For transportation information from Jeju International Airport to Ramada Plaza Jeju hotel please